Do Yourself a Flavor

The right rub, sauce or marinade makes all the difference.

Rub, Glaze or Marinate

Seasoning your food for the grill can be as simple as a dash of salt and pepper, or as rich and complex as a homemade marinade with fresh ingredients.

Here you’ll find some of our favorite spice rubs, fruit sauce recipes and more. We’ve included some of our super-versatile signature spice rubs, plus robust blends you can use as marinades or dipping sauces.

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How to Combine Dry Rub with Sauce

steak with dry rub

When it comes to enhancing the flavors and textures of grilled food, dry rubs are hard to beat. These blends of spices and seasonings add deep flavor to meat without any extra moisture. This makes it easier to achieve a perfect sear with a crusty exterior and tender, juicy interior.

Marinades can deliver fantastic flavor as well, but they make it harder to achieve the kind of sear you want on the grill. Instead of marinating your protein, use a dry rub first and then brush your meat with a sauce or glaze later in the grilling process. We recommend doing this a few minutes before removing your meat from the grill for an extra layer of flavor that won’t interfere with the texture.

Spice Up Any Occasion

We offer a dozen different rubs in our collection and have included some of our favorites below. Each one is versatile enough for your favorite grill-ready veggies, meat, seafood and fruit. We’ve also gathered some noteworthy salts and seasonings worth adding to your collection.

The Fresh Market Spice Rubs

1The Fresh Market Spice Rubs

Our spice rubs are made with quality, flavorful ingredients and are varied enough to accommodate just about any recipe. Our Signature Spice Rub is both herbal and savory, perfect for meat, seafood and vegetables. We also have a Chili Lime Spice Rub that’s delicious with chicken and seafood, along with a Maple Bacon Spice Rub that’s great on, well, anything—especially burgers.

Oh My Spice Seasonings

2Oh My Spice Seasonings

Unlike most seasonings, these non-GMO, preservative-free spices are low in sodium but still pack a bold punch of flavor. Try their Everything Bagel Seasoning on avocado toast, stirred into dips or used for breading chicken and fish.

Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel

3Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel

Sourced from the Camargue area of France, this coarse, flavorful salt bears the signature of the salt raker who harvested it by hand. It’s gorgeously packaged, and the salt inside it just as striking. Enjoy as a finishing salt on grilled meat, fish or even dessert.

Kevin’s Paleo Keto Seasonings

4Kevin’s Paleo Keto Seasonings

Made with real, quality ingredients, these versatile paleo- and keto-friendly seasonings make it easy to kick up any dish. We love sprinkling their savory, garlicky all-purpose seasoning over roasted or grilled meat and vegetables.

Sauce It Up

If you’re a staunch sauce supporter, we’ve got you covered. We offer a range of sauces and marinades that can be used on almost any grilled entrée or side. We’ve also rounded up some of our favorite unique recipes that you can use when you’re grilling out or cooking in.

Kevin’s Paleo Keto Sauces

1Kevin’s Paleo Keto Sauces

These flavorful, better-for-you sauces are made with simple, quality ingredients. Like Kevin’s Seasonings, they’re also paleo- and keto-friendly. Try them in stir fry dishes, pasta, tacos or drizzled over grilled fish or meat. The possibilities are endless!

True Made Foods BBQ Sauces

2True Made Foods BBQ Sauces

These sauces are made with zero corn syrup and 70% less sugar than other leading BBQ sauces (or no sugar at all). Naturally sweetened with vegetables from family farms, they’re just as tasty as their conventional counterparts.

Lillie's Q BBQ Sauce

3Lillie’s Q Barbecue Sauce or Rubs

Two-time world barbecue champion Chef Charlie McKenna learned the art of southern barbecue from his Grandma Lillie. His signature sauces and rubs represent a wide variety of barbecue styles, from North Carolina to Memphis.

The New Primal Classic Marinade

4The New Primal Sauce or Marinade

These flavor-enhancing sauces and marinades are made from all natural ingredients, and most are paleo-friendly and gluten-free.

Get Fruity

Take advantage of fresh summer fruits and make these versatile sauces for your next cookout. Try our blueberries, fresh from the east coast and sold within a week of harvest. We also have fresh Washington cherries and plump blackberries. These berries make rich sauces that pair perfectly with grilled pork chops, whole pork tenderloin, grilled chicken and more.

Blueberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce
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Cherry Thyme Chutney
Cherry Thyme Chutney
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Spicy Blackberry Sauce
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